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Unlock the Cloud Computing Myths to Make Better Business Decisions

Unlock the Cloud Computing Myths to Make Better Business Decisions

Author: Jas Kwatra

Cloud Computing has stride ahead in full swing over the past few years and is the major business tool that is used by majority of business owners, individuals, etc. However, it made a strong position in the field of IT, yet there exist a number of misconceptions that are twirling around the concept.

 If you don't know much about it, then you should go through the listed myths and must understand and look beyond them to understand and decide how, whether and when to adopt the cloud-based technology.

Unlock the Cloud Computing Myths to Make Better Business Decisions

Unlock the Cloud Computing Myths to Make Better Business Decisions

Virtualization and Cloud is Same:
It is very important for businesses to understand that though, virtualization enables computing and it is the key concept, it is not the sole contributor of cloud computing. It mainly focuses on server, and consolidation of work load to minimize infrastructure costs, while the latter is a vast concept and involves much more than that.

Pay Per Use on the Cloud:
The users are generally trapped in with the concept of paying as per their cloud usage on an hourly or daily basis. It may sound very economical, but the costs add up very rapidly. Thus, the users must be very cautious while using the applications and must be well-aware of the terms and conditions of the service plans that are being offered to them.

Multiple Cloud is a Necessity:
With the availability of a wide range of cloud applications and services available, the users, with a view to integrate most sophisticated technology, are integrating more and more services in their business processes. This seems amazing at a point of time, but later makes your system more complex and difficult to understand when any issue arises. Thus, you must try to keep the system simplified as far as you can keep the things move smoothly.

Only Public Cloud Can be Trusted:
Public clouds keep on gaining popularity over private ones, but, it is a myth that only using them can make your data secure. The truth of the matter is that still the private cloud adoptions surpass public cloud adoptions with a greater margin.
'One-size fits all' Concept:
Many companies have learnt it from their mistake that they cannot use the same cloud solution for every business need. There is no such cookie-cutter solution for any business requirement and they need to make the modulations as per the changing demands. The technology is available in different service models such infrastructure as a service, software as a Service, monitoring as a service, etc.

It's all about Lowering Costs:
It is true that the services help businesses in cutting out operational and capital costs, but apart from them, many more great benefits are realized with the use of clouds. The other important benefits include adaptability to changing business trends, enhanced flexibility, minimized failed deployment risks, business innovation, etc.

To summarize, it is very important to develop awareness about the technology as it influences your business decisions. So, do your homework and have understanding of all options that will add value and flexibility to your business. ConsolePark is a cloud computing company that offers genuine services to add value to your business.

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