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The Age of Cloud Computing

The Age of Cloud Computing

We are in a new age. An age in which people scoff at the idea of camping out simply for the pleasure of enjoying the outdoors, but are prepared to wait in line for days to purchase the latest Apple product. This is the age of cloud computing.

The Age of Cloud Computing
The Age of Cloud Computing

The term cloud computing is a marketing phrase that is used in the computer science world. It is the concept that software is a service, much like electricity, water, or any other utility. The consumer is able to use however much of the service that they need without having to worry about how it all works. In this instance, the word 'cloud' is used to refer to the Internet.

Cloud-based computing is an architecture all its own. It allows the user to store their information on:
  • Laptops
  • Computers
  • Sensors
  • Other Handheld Devices
The user will usually store their information by using a cloud-based computing service provider.
Each cloud-based computing system operates on its own infrastructure. The cloud systems can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The ease with which stored information can be retrieved, as well as the increased accessibility offered by remote desktop access is what makes cloud-based computing such a great option for companies.

For the individual who is not overly familiar with the wide wild world of technology, the subject of cloud computing can become relatively confusing. In fact, there is still some debate amongst technological professionals as to what it is exactly.

But, put in terms that a businessperson might understand, cloud-based computing is a good thing. A company will use a cloud-based system provider for the services that they need. The provider will store information, and the user will pay for it on an as needed basis. This tremendously reduces the cost of computing. It is also a wonderful option for companies because it saves them the trouble of having to establish their own operating system, since they are able to simply pay to use one that has already been set up.

Cloud-based computing systems have many benefits:
  • Accessible —These systems are location independent. That means that no matter where you happen to be, and no matter which device you have available at the time, you will have remote desktop access to all of your company\'s information.
  • Safe —These systems are especially safe for companies who are regularly visiting the same sites. The redundancy allows the centralization of data to improve.
  • Cost Effective —Since the consumer does not have to invest in creating an entirely new system and are able simply take advantage of a provider\'s, the price is much less.
Cloud-based computing is the way of the future. Even the general public has access to some kind of cloud-based computing system at some time or another. Your company can benefit enormously by computing through a provider.

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