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What is Cloud Computing Technology?

What is Cloud Computing Technology?

Author: Minesh Rai

You have probably heard the term cloud computing being thrown around here and there. But what exactly does it mean. Well cloud is simply an off-site area used to run computer programs or used to store data.

 Cloud Computing Basics : What is Cloud Computing Technology?

 You can store all your digital assets like files, folders, photos, videos, softwares, etc. in the cloud. To meet the criteria you must be able to access that data from anywhere or anyplace that has an internet connection.
The cloud process allows you to log into storage servers remotely and access digital content a user is working on. Previously, all computing software and data was stored in on the hard disk of the computer on which a person worked. Thanks to the web, it becomes possible to work in real time on remote content, stored in servers in large storage sites called cloud servers.

For specialists, the cloud is considered the third computer revolution. The first was the advent of the microcomputer, the second came with the development of the internet and networks. The cloud is a new step, because it can now let users work together on content, it eases the burden of a personal computer terminal, reduces costs, and ensures security by backing up data multiple times.

You Already Use the Cloud
Many personal computer as well as smart phone users are already using and accessing the cloud without knowing it. When someone posts a photo on Facebook or check out a mailbox on services like Gmail or Yahoo, it accesses a server 'in the cloud' computing. Today, more and more companies choose to have an external conservation of their data. It is a source of savings. The company can have servers that are sized to exactly meet its needs. If some companies are reluctant to transfer their files in the cloud, it's for safety reasons: they fear to discard information that are strategic, such as customer lists or trade secrets.

But for the personal user, cloud computing has really become a part of our daily lives. We can use the cloud to sync our mobile devices or to backup our home computers. The wonderful thing is that there are literally over 50 companies that offer a free account with storage space that ranges from 500 MB to 10 GB.
The top global players providing cloud solutions are Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Dropbox.
U.S. companies have already heavily tilted to the cloud when the revolution is just beginning in Europe and other parts of the world. The different cloud innovations are endless and over the past 5 years we have seen a major technology revolution in this industry.

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