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Benefit Your Organization With Cloud Computing Solutions

Benefit Your Organization With Cloud Computing Solutions

Author: Martin Lobo

The easiest way to define cloud computing is that it is a kind of online computing method that allows the users to access applications using a browser. This application is installed and stored within the server. It is an innovative form of computing that has flourished recently making it possible for people round the globe to access what they need.

Cloud computing provides huge storage capacity when compared to that of a personal computing device. The benefit here is that it eradicates the need to improve the computer memory which is said to keep costs low for enterprises as well as individual users.

Eminent service providers today specializes in cloud service delivery solutions resulting in availability, security, virtualization, acceleration and a proper integration of cloud provider's requirements to scale services cost-efficiently, maintain profitability and cater to various user needs for cost, performance, end-user experience as well as data integrity.

The new age enterprise data centers become intricate and at times the maintenance is expensive. In addition to that, there are other challenges that need to be addressed with new applications, rising demand and fast internet trends. Therefore the cloud service providers offering on-demand capacity and services today have become a one-stop solution for most businesses. This caters to the organization's need for reliability, performance control, and security and also maintains business agility. Some of the service offering are listed below:-

  • Helps to set up private networks for cloud providers and their respective users. It also offers a comprehensive out-of-band secure remote access for control that does not affect services
  • Provides the users with agile control over cloud infrastructure to set up differentiated services and to mechanize operations for highest efficiency
  • Helps to significantly minimize the networking expenses for application delivery and secure access by offering high-quality features and performance at 40% of the cost of competing solutions
  • Helps in bringing down the capital expenditures largely by minimizing server infrastructure by over 40% and maximizing the use of virtualized infrastructure
  • Assists in reducing the operational expenditures by lessening the staff required for service delivery and by utilizing of efficient designs that reduces the expenses associated with space and power
  • Assists in accelerating the time-to-revenue for service offerings by leveraging replicable, automated solutions that are both IT and customer friendly

Popular brand names for instance Zoho, Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, Yahoo and Amazon have been using cloud computing solutions and benefiting from them.

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