Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Use Cloud Computing To Outmanoeuvre the Corporate Competition

Use Cloud Computing To Outmanoeuvre the Corporate Competition
Use Cloud Computing To Outmanoeuvre the Corporate Competition

In the past large companies have had a definite technical advantage over their smaller rivals. Their financial firepower and the economies of scale that they could achieve allowed them to invest in very sophisticated computer systems, with the best IT Support to keep them running.

In contrast SME's had to compromise with relatively inflexible and inexpensive packaged computer software and simple Microsoft Windows-based computer networks. And in the past fairly patch IT Support.
But now the tables have turned. Large companies are locked into very sophisticated, but inflexible computer systems. And changing them is a massive job - just look at any of the large government IT projects. The private sector is little better.

Packaged Computer Software Catches Up

Meanwhile the sophistication of relatively inexpensive packaged software and the Microsoft Windows networks have grown beyond all recognition. I marvel at the sophistication and flexibility of modern packaged software. In my own business we use 4 main software packages and they are absolutely superb. Without these computer systems my business would not have been able to grow as quickly nor be as profitable as it is.

I didn't need to commission bespoke software to keep up with the corporates. I have everything I need in an inexpensive package. And Microsoft Windows server software is incredible now. Remote access, superb security, recovery etc. are all excellent - again at a very low price.

Cloud Computing Moves The Game Forward

But the thing that brings it all together is Cloud Computing. With Cloud Computing you can turn on and off applications and server resources as you need them. The flexibility that Cloud Computing delivers is incredible. What's even better is that you only pay each month for what you use.

At my own company we are in the process of moving into the Cloud. Currently we are partially Cloud Computing based and I can see a point in time, not far away, when we will be 100% Cloud Computing based. It will enable us to accelerate our growth and improve our profitability.

The combination of Windows networking, superb software packages and Cloud computing means that small companies do not need vast amounts of capital to have truly incredible computing power at their fingertips.
For the savvy CEO a strong IT strategy can transform the business. Don't get me wrong; Cloud Computing will not in itself make your business larger and more profitable. But it will enable that to happen more easily. You will still need clear vision, good management, effective strategy, brilliant sales and marketing and great delivery of whatever your thing is. Cloud Computing will make this easier. As always it will be the best companies that will grab the Cloud Computing opportunity and leave their slower less innovative competitors behind. Some things never change!

IT Support Companies Deliver The Cloud Computing Edge

If you are an innovator you need the right IT support company to partner with. The ideal IT support company will understand your business, provide IT Support for similar companies and be able to work closely with you over the long term. Your IT Support Company will need to work both strategically and tactically with you. In other words they will need to act as your guide to developing an effective IT Support strategy and to provide excellent day-to-day IT Support services.

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