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Rackspace Cloud Computing Services

Rackspace Cloud Computing Services - easing up your Storage Issues!

Cloud computing has multiple definitions and is open to interpretation. For a layman, it actually conveys a set of services which are hosted online or a group of pooled computing resources which are delivered online.
Cloud computing is not actually grid computing or even autonomic computing. Cloud computing is actually delivered 'as a service' online in the form of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or software as a service (SaaS).

The clients who opt for cloud computing do not have to worry about purchasing, managing or even maintaining the infrastructure for handling visitor traffic fluctuations. Cloud computing customers only have to pay for the resources that they use and do not have to worry about investing time, effort and money for the same. One can concentrate on promoting their sites aggressively without having to worry about storage management.

When planning about Rackspace Cloud Computing, it is essential to pick up the right system configuration. Select an OS which you prefer for your system. You can choose from different 64-bit Linux® Distributions which include Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Arch and Red Hat Enterprise Linux or even any Windows system including Windows Server 2008. Your server would be online in a matter of minutes.

Each Cloud Server can be upgraded or removed as requirements change with time making use of the control panel and relevant APIs. One can even use and access the system using mobile gadgets with different platforms.

Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers balance the load of the servers and make optimum use of the available resources. Cloud Servers have good managed service levels which are ideal for different businesses and necessitate on-demand availability along with flexibility and scalability of Rackspace Cloud Computing.
Rackspace can help you out with email deliverability too. Now it offers you 40,000 emails per month for free for each of the customers. SendGrid is efficient in managing and tracking transactional and bulk emails. To top it all, there are real service level agreements available for Cloud Computing and just as aggressive as the one that Rackspace provides. The traditional hosted servers benefit from his change the most.

Additionally, it helps in averting major downtime issues which are usually caused by the networking infrastructure, the physical host server, or during migration of one instance from a single host to another. In Rackspace Cloud Computing, it is important to see that the SLAs are met properly.

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