Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cloud Computing Run Web Sites

The Way Cloud Computing Run Web Sites The Way Cloud Computing Run Web Sites 

Cloud servers represent one of the most important advances in the use of computers and the internet. The concept goes as far back as the 1960's when a John McCarthy proposed that some time in the future, computer services would be provided just like other public utilities like water or electricity. At that time the idea did not seem realistic in any way because access to computers was very limited. We have however seen the realization of this prediction with many examples such as cloud hosting.

Cloud servers are in no way related to the real clouds, the use of this term has been adopted from the use of cloud symbols when representing the internet in drawings and charts. Cloud computing involves delivering infrastructure, software, and platforms via the internet to various users. The services provided here are applications, storage, hosting and much more. Cloud servers hosting out do conventional hosts by offering flexible, modern and cost effective options. Having resources online means that location is no longer a barrier for the cloud server host or client. Those who need to travel frequently find great advantage in this because it means that regardless of where they are they can continue to access the resources the normally do while in the office.

Along with cloud hosting you can access other cloud computing services that are provided on demand and are paid for per hour or per minute depending on what you use. These services are also completely managed by the different cloud server service providers. For these and other reasons, it is clear that cloud server hosting comes with significant economic advantage. Paying for the exact amount of resources you need and have used ensures that there is no waste. Being able to adjust resources according to demand on the business at a particular time does away with the need to have ideal resources that are intended for contingency. Having the cloud server host manage services from their end cuts down on your operation costs and manpower required in your operations.

Cloud server hosts will be offered as either public or private services. Private cloud server hosting is meant to serve a specific group or network of customers. On the other hand, public cloud server hosting is accessible to anyone. There are also situations where a private cloud server will engage the services offered by a public cloud server giving rise to what is known as a virtual private cloud server. Public and private cloud servers are very similar except in the area of who can access the services they have to offer.

The accessibility and affordability of IT resources has be made possible to a very large extent by the introduction of cloud servers and cloud computing. There have been significant advances in the standards of the services that people from all parts of the world enjoy as a result of the use of cloud servers.

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