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Cloud Computing in India

Cloud Computing in India: Its Future and Some Key Trends

Cloud Computing in India: Its Future and Some Key Trends By John Watson

India is a land of more than a billion. The country’s strong network of human resources ensured that mobile phones adoption grew at a rapid rate here. According to most reputed market research companies out there and other experts, cloud computing in India is going to see a similar growth. Here are some key factors which will drive the growth of cloud computing in the country.

Increased internet penetration- Over the next five years, internet penetration is set to increases manifold in the country. Currently, the rural sector is more or less out of reach in terms of broadband connectivity. However, the years to come will see the rise of broadband in rural as well as urban economy of the country, which will drive businesses to implement better solutions for customers. In a bid to keep the cost down, businesses are bound to take to cloud computing, hence spurning the growth of cloud computing in India.

Uncertain economic scenario- 2008 may have been the worst year for global economy. However, with increased globalization, economies are getting more uncertain by the day. The trend is here to stay and hence, businesses are looking to cut down on costs as much as possible. IT infrastructure contributes a lot to overall expenditure on business operations. Thus, in the years to come, companies would be looking to cut down on their IT expenditure, something which is a key offering of cloud computing. Hence, cloud computing in India can go only one way that is up.

Google betting big- A month or so earlier, Google announced free websites for small businesses in India. It its latest roadshow, Doug Farber, managing director of Asia Pacific region bet big on Google Apps driving the growth of the company in times to come. With India at company’s focus, it is every indication that cloud computing in the country is set to grow.

Reputation as a service sector- The availability of cheap skilled labor transformed India into a global service destination in the 20th century. Cloud computing is basically the service model of software and IT infrastructure. India’s reputation as a service destination would see global players choosing India as an outsourcing destination for its cloud computing needs. This demand from the developed world would see rise of cloud computing in India, just like it did for other IT services over the last two decades.
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