Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cloud Computing Service For A School

Using Cloud Computing Service For A School

Author: Loganathan D

With the facilities of cloud computing service, the online school management system is going to be aided lot more. Students will be taking the best advantage of this service which can be offered by online application at very good price. This will create a common curriculum and common education experience worldwide. It is the best system by which both the teacher and students get benefited. It boosts the efficiency, fruitfulness and spirit among the teachers and students. The cloud system prevents schools from spending more and more money at the staff and licensing of the products. This prevents the lots of time which is another important advantage of the application. Like school management tools, it makes the school faculties more balanced and maintained up to its best. There us no need to store any further paperwork, the application works better for such worthless activities.

Like other software's, the cloud service maintains a good sharing connectivity among computers and computer devices. Any one device in the network can access the data and get benefited from others. There is no need of paperwork for schedule, class attendance, teacher notes, study materials, application forms and so on.

For creating a school management system with cloud service, different layers are to be created like- client, application, platform, infrastructure and server. The clients include the hardware or software of computer and computer devices that take benefit from sharing. Application is the cloud system which serves the maintenance and support of services over the Internet and platform refers to the sharing of data from the clients using the application without any cost. Infrastructure refers to the level of activity undergoing the computers and computer devices which is served by the cloud services. Lastly, the server refers to the hardware or software of the computer that serves the sharing of data, it must be provided with best products of hardware, software, processors and so on.

Like using school software management, cloud application undergoes the same process of sharing of updated data among teachers, students and parents. Parents get known and become aware of their children's every single updates. There is now worthless to make paperwork for such activities, student's performance, admission applications, billing reports, academic reports and so on. The technologies have become very much advanced and modernized now. When one application is shared with other application then it becomes a center of huge sharing. However the modes of sharing can be adjusted through the application. The different modes of sharing that can be applicable are- public sharing, community sharing, private sharing and the hybrid sharing. The hybrid sharing includes the sharing between two cloud applications. The hybrid sharing works together if they are bound with each other.

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The school software management application is nothing but the same software that has been used in the schools earlier. However the cloud computing service is more modernized and standardized by providing additional tools and features that can really change the way of study.