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How Cloud Computing Related With Eresource Erp

What is Cloud Computing And How it is Related With Eresource Erp

Author: Vivek Jingade

If you ask the question what is cloud computing means, there are chances that you may get different descriptions from each answers. Cloud computing in simple terms means you will able to work on a computer without having to install or buy a software which is has been developed for your requirement.

In a wider description, cloud computing is a movement that has been occurring in the technology applications. In this case it is not necessary to buy servers or need not install the software in the PCs. Buying more user licenses This all will contribute to a lot of money saving for the companies in the long run.. With the cloud computing method smaller companies can now access technologies and computing power from the internet "clouds" that become a company's server, software, and data center, that can be readily accessed on demand.

Web-based eresource ERP system as a service is another description of cloud computing that is broadly used by companies today. eresource ERP system opening up technologies to the masses by smashing the costly constraints required by on-premise applications. With cloud computing method service provider who is the server and the data center making expanding and shrinking user demand incredibly fast, flexible and affordable.

As the benefits of cloud computing are becoming more clear even larger companies that are working on-premise solutions now looking into cloud computing for their ERP application requirements. This demand is putting some pressure on the large on-premise ERP vendors and web-based applications are gaining more and more popularity among the SMEs and large scale industries alike.

ERP system help you meet Strategic Objectives

Normally in all organizations, managers have to utilize large part of their time and energy in dealing with crises. This is due to someone from the staff is not having done his job in the manner it was expected to be done.

There may be many cases such as tax payment to the government is not done with accuracy, a shipment to a customer not being made on time, bills not collected, production department not meeting the deadlines etc. We are not saying that these works will be carried by an ERP system once it is implemented. As always, people have to do all of the above, but the advantage of an ERP system is that it will enable them to do all this, in a timely, planned and process driven manner.

An efficient ERP system frees up various levels of management form a very large number of operational problems. The managers will get enough time to look at what is going on, without the information seeking becoming an end in itself.

Also when the CEO of a company wants to know the top strategic objectives for the next year from the Function Head, he can actually get down to defining what those objectives are, and how they will be measured. Again, the defining of the objectives cannot be done by the ERP system, but will help in measuring the parameters associated with the strategic objectives.

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