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Cloud Computing Companies - Experience Virtual Computing

Cloud Computing Companies - Experience Virtual Computing

Author: Johns Abraham

There is a paradigm shift which is very much noticeable these days in the computing world. Yes, the shift from physical world to virtual world. From having various services, resources and applications on the cloud instead of having them present on your own IT environment. The world of computing is evolving as never before.

So who are the pioneers of this new technology? Well, the Cloud Computing Companies.
Cloud computing allows business enterprises to implement models that are cost effective, efficient and scalable. These companies typically create and manage computing environments or networks which have built-in services, such as business applications, storage space and hosting services.

For business enterprises it translates into enormous savings. These entities do not have to spend a penny on setting up complex infrastructure. Add to it the savings that are made by not investing in expensive software's.

Cloud computing providers provide applications, storage space and other services via the internet. These services are then accessed from web browsers or mobile devices.

Cloud Web Hosting means cluster of servers, which provide the required resources and services to host websites. Below mentioned are some of the salient features of virtual web hosting.

1. This model provides websites with variable computing power as per website's requirements.
2. Security is of paramount importance which is well taken care of.
3. Hardware resources are available and exploited virtually.
4. Virtual web hosting has several advantages over shared or dedicated hosting in terms of resource sharing. If there is a sudden surge of activity on your website, which typically requires more resources, the cloud does the job efficiently.
5. Whenever the demand for more power comes from your website the service is not hindered in any way. The cloud fetches resources from a cluster of another cloud till that time. Once the high usage demand is fulfilled the resources are eased back. Scalability is the key here.
6. Scalability, propinquity and savings are the hallmarks of virtual web hosting.
Cloud Servers are enhanced versions of dedicated servers. They are the next generation servers. Unlike dedicated servers where a request for up gradation takes lot of time, a virtual server cluster takes little time; provisioning an entire set of servers within no time.

Provisioning is the keyword. Until cloud servers found their way into the computing world, dedicated servers ruled IT space. These were typically set up by the user or rented / outsourced from third party.

In contrast, cloud uses hardware and operating system environment which is already existing and ready to be exploited. This translates into many advantages for business enterprises. Reduced costs, efficient hardware allocation and pay per use charges are some those advantages.

Cloud servers are the future for small and large business enterprises.

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