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Ten Reasons to Help You Choose Your SaaS Designing Platform

Platform-As-A-Service - 10 Reasons to Help You Choose Your SaaS Designing Platform

Platform-As-A-Service - 10 Reasons to Help You Choose Your SaaS Designing Platform

Rapid Application Development Platforms offer many unique possibilities which help you to reduce cost, bring value to customer's existing business offerings, and provide additional revenue and growth opportunities to your business. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) or SaaS Startups need the right set of features and extended services to make them successful in the marketplace. SaaS represents a different approach towards application development as compared to on premise applications.

10 reasons to help you choose your SaaS designing platform or simply PaaS are:

Reduced time-to-market and faster ROI
PaaS reduces the time and cost of developing and deploying a web-based business application as compared to any standard software development life cycle(SDLC). Deployment is instant as the application is developed on the browser.

Code-free, point and click environment or simply drag and drop
There are multiple platforms available in the market. Some are powered by a point and click designer interface while some have a drag and drop environment. PaaS with a code free environment is a great benefit to business users and they do not need to depend on developers to build business applications for them. Basic understandings of the design principles are enough for them to start.

Intuitive workflow management
Ready-to-use business rule actions or custom workflow management makes implementation of complex business processes easier. It also can be used to draw complex analyses from data and represent them in the form of reports, graphical charts and dashboard items within minutes.

Interoperable and Mashable SaaS applications
Interoperability is a key component of any SaaS designing platform. Any SaaS application developed should have the capability to be integrated with third-party applications to create mashups with the help of the APIs.

Security is one of the most important factors for Cloud adoption. Most of the SaaS designing platforms boast about their in-built security features, some of them being user-role based access, 128-bit encrypted secured URL, SSO authentication and AD integration. PaaS providers should also make sure their platform and the SaaS applications are hosted in a secured environment.

End of IT maintenance
Cloud Computing and Platform-as-a-Service strives to bring an end to IT maintenance. With the PaaS provider taking care or upgrades, application maintenance, technology and infrastructure, businesses can focus on their customers and stop worrying about IT maintenance.

Flexible Deployment Options
Most PaaS vendors have flexible deployment options for their customers. Right from the default public cloud deployment, customers can choose to host their application in a private cloud or in a preferred third-party server.

Vendor Lock-in
Vendor lock-in has been a concern for Cloud adopters. Before selecting a PaaS, customers should find out if the vendor platform locks in their data. They should be able to extract their data anytime in any standard format so that vendor switching is more effective and not at the cost of valuable data.

Subscription based pay-as-you go pricing model
Pay for what you need, when you need it - this is the mantra of Software-as-a-Service. SaaS applications are offered on a pay-per-use monthly subscription model thereby removing upfront CapEx.

Customized solution for every customer
Personalization is the key to SaaS business. Flexibility to alter the look and feel of your application to match your brand identity is highly valued. An option to upload your own logo, customize the access URL and make simple template changes gives a personal touch and branding to your SaaS application

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