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Cloud Computing Management Solutions

Cloud Computing Management Solutions: Unpacking the Loaded Term and Getting to the Needs to Clients

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The last few years have been privy to an explosion of cloud computing services, and this trend has given rise to a range of companies that offer cloud computing services and software. By delivering on-demand cloud services, IT consulting firms like Nanotek Consulting Corp, a Microsoft Gold Certified Company,   can provide the relevant infrastructure support services to facilitate a competitive advantage for their clients.
Understanding the particular strengths of cloud computing management first requires unpacking the loaded term. The basic definition for cloud computing is the use of virtual servers available over the Internet. A broader definition includes anything that occurs outside of the firewall.

Nanotek, for one, works closely with clients in order to understand their needs and centralize their internal infrastructure. This is particularly important for companies with offices in different locations in different regions. The diminished maintenance costs of IT infrastructure make cloud computing a compelling choice for most businesses; maintenance is easier because applications do not need to be installed on individual computers and it simplifies data storage by providing an online backup.

By centralizing their infrastructure in a cloud environment, companies with multiple offices can operate more efficiently with managers able to easily follow-up on the progress of specific tasks; additionally, a cloud environment is more conducive to collaboration between departments and offices.

The term 'thin clients' is used by cloud computing companies to refer to clients that have minimal hardware -- typically just a printer and basic computers -- and leverage the power of the cloud for intensive storing and sharing. It consulting firms that specialize in cloud computing create a web interface where their clients can easily access the digitally stored data. A cloud environment makes it so that employees are not tethered to a particular device; so long as they have an Internet connection, they can access any centrally stored information.

By integrating cloud computing management software, businesses enable the possibility for their employees to work remotely, whether from home or on the road; virtually eliminating hardware malfunction as an impediment to their daily operations.

The popularity of cloud computing within various organizations can be linked to the reduction in raw materials and the benefits associated for the environment. By centralizing their data and leveraging the power of a cloud environment, organizations make more efficient use of their limited resources. Cloud computing companies enable their clients to cut some of the overhead by sharing resources with other businesses. Cost, efficiency, reliability, and streamlined internal communications are just a few of the reasons that Nanotek Consulting Corp responded to a rise in the demand for better data storage options.

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