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Some Good Reasons To Move To The Cloud Computing

Cloud computing – what do the numbers reveal?

Author: Bob Jones

While there is no doubt that cloud computing is a buzzword that is seen and heard all over the web today, recent statistics and predictions have shown just how huge the cloud really is. If you have been considering moving your IT operations onto the cloud, then you may be wondering whether this flexible, affordable and reliable approach is simply another trend, of it is really is the new generation of IT for companies of all sizes.
Some of the recent findings for 2010 in regards to cloud computing indicate the predicted growth of the industry, as well as the success and awareness rate in terms of companies who are gradually moving to the cloud. Key findings include the following:
  • CRN forecasts that by the year 2014, small to medium enterprise budgets for cloud computing will reach as high as $100 billion.
  • IDC estimates that the public cloud products and services market was an estimated $16B in 2010, and predicts that this will increase to $56B by 2014.
  • Gartner predicts that the cloud market will reach $150B by 2013, and Merrill Lynch predicts this figure to be $160B by 2012.
  • SandHill recently surveyed 500 IT decision makers who were asked to name their primary reason for moving to the cloud - 50of the respondents said that business agility was the main reason for cloud applications.
  • Gartner predicted that the rapid growth of cloud computing will result in 60of server workloads moving to the cloud within the next few years.
  • IDC estimates that the current 25growth rate of public cloud infrastructure, applications and platforms will increase two-fold by 2013.
  • Enterprise studies recently show that while almost every enterprise was using a cloud application, less than 25of IT departments were aware that they were using cloud computing products.
What do these figures mean for your company however; and how can the cloud ensure that your business needs are met?

Simply put, cloud computing provides a new generation of IT services, allowing you to manage your needs through web based solutions. Cloud hosting, customised cloud solutions catered to your business model, easy resources sharing, easier collaboration, increased security and many other benefits can be enjoyed on the cloud, and as a cost-effective solution, these systems can easily be integrated into your network as well as your IT budget. As the statistics above showed, many IT departments and managers are unaware they are already using cloud systems, and with so many applications already on the cloud, programmes such as Google Documents, Acrobat, LiveChat, LivePerson and many other applications already on the market, the cloud has become a huge part of how we share information.

If you are still deciding whether to make the move from traditional solutions to cloud computing, realising the huge potential for fast, effective and flexible solutions is the first step to moving over to the cloud.
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