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Cloud Computing Has Several Advantages Over Self-Hosted Solutions

Cloud Computing Has Several Advantages Over Self-Hosted Solutions

In-house servers located at a company's place of business have always been the traditional mode of deployment for enterprise business applications.  However, new technology and the recent trend toward the cloud are opening the door and clearing the path for alternative solutions that are having a tremendous impact on how businesses process and manage data.  Resistance to change is common, however, and many business owners are reluctant to abandon traditional self-hosted solutions and adopt cloud-based alternatives in their stead.  Examining the advantages that cloud computing has over self-hosted solutions may change many people's minds.  Cloud computing has six big advantages for any company seeking to deploy and utilize enterprise business applications.
 Cloud Computing Basics : Cloud Computing Has Several Advantages Over Self-Hosted Solutions

Lower Costs :
Cloud computing eliminates the need to make significant investments in software, licensing fees and hardware.  It uses a subscription-based model to deliver software as a service.  Small- to medium-sized businesses with limited budgets can benefit significantly from cloud computing because it lets them avoid the high initial investment necessary for setups using traditional in-house servers.  The subscription-based model of cloud computing also prevents unanticipated fees and costs because the subscription fee is typically a fixed monthly amount.  Lower costs also permit a greater return on investment.

No Maintenance :
Ongoing software updates and security patches are one of the most expensive aspects of a traditional in-house server setup.  Companies frequently hire IT personnel to manage their ongoing server maintenance.  In contrast, cloud computing services take care of all maintenance requirements, upgrades and patches, enabling the company to concentrate on conducting business.

Better Security :
Despite the fears of some business owners regarding the security risks of cloud computing, the security measures put into place by many cloud vendors are very tight.  These vendors serve numerous clients and are capable of dealing with frequent security upgrades and patches.  In most cases, backups of self-hosted solutions are performed once a day.  Data could be lost if a piece of hardware fails and the most recent backup is close to 24 hours old.  Cloud computing ensures that very little data will be lost if a hardware failure occurs because backups are performed frequently.  In some cases, backups are performed in real-time.

Cloud Computing Services are Scalable :One of the hallmarks of cloud computing is the way in which data is stored across several data centers.  Normally, a company only pays for the cloud computing services it actually needs and uses.  It does not need to invest in any infrastructure or other resources beyond its needs.  The flexibility of cloud computing allows a business to temporarily ramp up its usage during marketing campaigns or peak traffic times, without requiring it to make any additional infrastructure investment for these short-lived needs.

Access to Data is Convenient and Continuous :
Every business needs continuous, convenient access to its data.  With cloud computing, no matter where a user is located or what time it is, if there's an Internet connection the user will have instant access to the company's data.

Deployment is Quicker :
Cloud computing can shorten deployment time for business applications.  Instead of the months it can take with traditional setups, it can become a matter of weeks.  Having the infrastructure already in place means an application will go live much quicker.

Ultimately, cloud computing will become a way of life for many businesses.  More and more companies are adopting remote solutions for their enterprise applications.

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Cloud Computing Is for Everyone

Cloud Computing Is for Everyone
But Not for Everything

Cloud computing is rapidly growing in popularity and general awareness, to a point where businesses of all sizes are looking into whether the medium is appropriate for their needs. So, what sort of businesses can cloud hosting effectively and securely handle? The simple answer is - all of them. From small business hosting to larger corporations, cloud computing can make your business more affordable and versatile. However, this doesn't necessarily mean it should replace all of your existing hosting solutions.

 Cloud Computing Basics : Cloud computing is for everyone but not for everything

The best way to approach cloud hosting is to see it not as an all-or-nothing proposition, but as a way to streamline your IT requirements at appropriate points. Examine all of the functions of your current hosting solution and think about whether it could benefit from multi-tenant cloud computing, in-house hosting or a combination of the two.

A major benefit of taking a hybrid approach to hosting is that you can cut your overheads on IT, storage and general maintenance, without taking too much of a risk. Until cloud computing evolves to a point where it is the norm, an innovative, open-minded approach to hybrid hosting could give you a significant advantage over your rivals who are slower to pick up on new opportunities.

One of the most common concerns with cloud hosting is the idea that it is less secure and reliable than in-house hosting. In truth, cloud hosting is generally very secure, and far more data breaches take place in corporate data centres than among hosting providers. But nevertheless, there are instances where, for the time being, companies may wish to exercise a note of caution. For example, from small business hosting to larger corporations, a great many businesses avoid using public cloud computing for extremely sensitive financial information, or anything that requires compliance with the rules of the Payment Card Industry (PCI). Quite often, solutions which need to meet strict security and compliance specifications are best housed on private cloud solutions.

Another option is to combine multi-tenant cloud hosting with a broader kind of cloud computing - wherein traditional managed hosting is performed on servers that are dedicated to specific customers, but are owned and managed by a hosting provider. Top-line hosting providers are generally more reliable and secure than in-house data centres, and can still cut down your IT overheads significantly.

If you are interested in engaging with cloud hosting and would like some more information, talk to a dedicated and reputable hosting company to find out what package would be best suited to your business. The natural versatility of cloud hosting allows for a tailored hosting package to be constructed around the unique needs of your business, so don't be afraid to shop around to find out as much as you can before committing to a plan. It could be one of the most important decisions you make for your business.
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The Advantages Of Using Google Apps

The Advantages Of Using Google Apps For Business In London

Author: Cain Finlay

Small firms need to think big in an effort to develop interest in their products, and improve brand awareness. Starting up on to the internet is one way in which this can be carried out cheaply and efficiently, without the business having to invest an excessive amount of time. For several of these small businesses, the internet can be their only source of income, and they should keep the business functioning. However, with the advent of the tablet computer and the App, small businesses have to start moving into the world of Google Apps, and develop a brand in that marketplace which will promote people to go to that site. As most small business people are not Apps designers, getting the right IT Support for SMEs London experts is important.

 Cloud Computing Basics : The Advantages Of Using Google Apps For Business In London
Because of the success of things such as cloud computing and mobile networking, the small business has to have a presence in the Apps marketplace and also needs to start making use of apps themselves. The Google apps use android technology that imitates the example of Apple's creations, providing user-created app icons which could be utilised to perform practically everything. From a small office computer, IT support for small business London staff can open emails, make appointments on a calendar and even speak with other colleagues.

The small business can also make use of the Google apps to get much more storage space and utilise cloud-computing in order to weed out spam emails and viruses, even before they turn up in the small business's inbox. By making use of Apps, your IT support for SMEs London Company will be able to install the business on one internet source, and then the apps could bring the information to the employee's work desks. This removes the need to pay for a security and software certificate for each and every computer in the small business.

IT support for small business London firms will be able to also use Apps to help the firm transition from physical computing to cloud computing, without any major software overhaul. As the apps carry software from one site to another, they could be moved from computer to computer, whenever they are needed without needing massive software installations or replacements.

IT support for SMEs London companies will be able to also assist you store your vital business statistics in Google Apps, that preserve them from mishaps, thefts, or computer viruses. If any of the latter happens to your business, your IT support for small business London contacts can simply reconnect you to the Google App, and have your information back with the business in a small number of clicks. As Google Apps have complete security, both you and your clients can benefit from them with total confidence.

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