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Cloud Computing : Hosting QuickBooks Accounting Applications

Top Reasons for Hosting QuickBooks Accounting Applications

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QuickBooks hosting  proves to be an effective cloud solutions for small business if they wish not to invest heavily on the local IT infrastructure or engaged and resource heavy activities such as Technical support but at the same time have the benefits of always on Application access, secured backup and predictable IT costs.
 Cloud Computing Basics : Cloud Computing - Hosting QuickBooks Accounting Applications

QuickBooks hosting solutions can be resorted to in the following cases:
• The enterprise does not want to invest in the setting up or upgrading the network, local servers or IT equipments
• The technical resource investment is incommensurate with the actual benefits that may be derived from it.
• Secured backup and online monitoring is proving to be expensive and the task is desired to be outsourced to experts
• The company uses various other applications with different IT infrastructure requirements and it is hard to manage them all centrally.

Client interaction needs to be maintained through online interaction and real time file sharing.
QuickBooks Hosting Solutions: Brief description
Application accessed anywhere: QuickBooks hosting solution implies that the QuickBooks accounting application is hosted on a third party cloud server and accessed by the end user as local desktop interface. This means that the Data base is centrally located and accessible anytime anywhere through any online connection. So whether you are sitting with a client or demonstrating others the data is always available to you and the end user is not bound to the office premises.

On demand, Reliable and Cost effective: Another feature of Cloud Computing services such as QuickBooks hosting is that they are available on demand. Thus the IT infrastructure being available as a service means that the end user has to pay for the use of the IT infrastructure and do not have to invest in them. Thus QuickBooks Hosting services saves costs for the enterprises such as setting up servers, installation, upgrade and troubleshooting costs and other technical support costs.
Data security: One of the most easily seen benefits of QuickBooks Hosting is data security. With technical experts dedicated for online security of data and multiple data backup feature, QuickBooks hosting solutions prove to be more effective and cost effective than what can be implemented locally.
Easy to manage: Users management is always a hard task for IT administrators. Central database access can solve many of their problems as user management is not only easy bust also access to the database is more secured. Centralized QuickBooks hosting enable client management in more effective way than what desktop based access can provide.

Integration Issues: Many a time an enterprise may be using different versions of the Accounting applications and much other application also. Compatibility of the applications with existing IT infrastructure and integration is always an issue and needs a lot of troubleshooting and technical costs.  Cloud hosting makes these tasks easier. For example QuickBooks hosting can be done for all editions and versions of QuickBooks. Further QuickBooks accounting application integration with other applications such as ACT! CRM, Proseries tax software can be more effective in a hosted environment.

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