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On Demand Cloud Computing Solutions

On Demand Cloud Computing Solutions

Author: Chris Armer

According to an international survey completed by IBM, businesses all over the world are realizing the benefits of on-demand cloud computing solutions. More than 3,000 chief information officers (CIOs) in companies across the world were surveyed and the result showed that, '60 per cent were preparing to move to cloud computing technology over the next five years,' which is nearly double from the 2009 where 'only a third of CIOs said hey were thinking of moving toward cloud computing.

 Cloud Computing Basics : On Demand Cloud Computing Solutions

Of the top priorities cited, business intelligence and analytics were important to choosing the cloud the CIOs survey said they were seeking to find ways to deal with the increasing amount of data. Jeanette Horan, vice-president and chief information officer at IBM, said, 'This study provides key evidence of how the capabilities of IT are aligning perfectly with the aspirations of business leaders. The winners will be those companies that understand the power of technologies like cloud, analytics and mobility, and can harness that power to transform their businesses.' Another survey by AMD revealed that two-thirds of CIOs in the Asia-Pacific region who had already moved to cloud computing had seen the business value.'

With cloud computing, you do have to spend money purchasing hardware, software, and developing new applications therefore, costs applied to application development, and implementation can be greatly reduced. You can just pay for the cloud computing service which is normally a subscription fee service based on your usage needs. In addition, with cloud computing, you can implement automatic upgrades to applications instead of hiring an IT team to do the upgrades. During the upgrades, customizations that have been made to applications are maintained.

In an IT environment that is not supported by cloud computing, to run essential business applications, businesses have to buy hardware and software, obtain storage units, power support, networks, etc. The purpose of cloud computing is to apply traditional supercomputing power to everyday business applications. Cloud computing provides enterprise with the flexibility of developing new applications, maintaining their business applications, and making sure applications run properly. The majority of cloud services are cost-efficient and allow a business to grow and evolve as their needs change. Instead of concentrating on technological aspects, a business can focus on growing their company. Switch to the cloud has proven successful for many different types of businesses. Cloud computing is a cost-effective solution and makes managing and growing a business much easier and more efficient.

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