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Cloud Hybrid Offers Optimal Security

Cloud Hybrid Offers Optimal Security

Author: Chris Armer

With the hybrid infrastructure, businesses benefit from both on-premise and cloud-based computing. With the trend to choosing the hybrid cloud, businesses are benefiting from efficient security as well as the high performance and high availability the hybrid cloud provides.

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Cloud Security Features
More vendors of the cloud are releasing high quality and high performing cloud-based security services that enhance current on-site security products or replace them. These services provided by cloud hybrid companies include firewall management and monitoring, detection of unauthorized intrusions, DDoS attack prevention, and improved Malware and anti-virus programs. As well, they are now moving all of these security technologies to the cloud which is making the cloud infrastructure even more secure.
Because these security technologies will be offered as a cloud service, there is no need to purchase more licenses or unused licenses when new capacity is required. Users have the ability to adjust its service consumption which is very beneficial as cloud services are pay-per-usage. As well upgrades are much easier and faster as the provider just has to update one system as well as monitor for threats on the one system.

Eliminating Security Complexities
With cloud services, there are no upgrades, complex licensing, and no subscription pricing because the service fee paid is an operational expense allowing businesses to determine their own security budget. As well with cloud security services, it is much quicker and simpler to uninstall and replace security software if the business chooses to move to another provider.

The cloud hybrid allows users to choose which applications stay on-site and which applications to move to the cloud. Users will enjoy abundant bandwidth, data storage space, memory, as well as high availability, high performance and high scalability. The on-demand and flexible method of computing makes it an attractive computing solution.

Cloud-based security services are easy to manage and they are not complicated to understand and use allowing businesses to focus on other critical security threats because their web traffic and email will be running in a secure cloud environment. When businesses acquire the cloud hybrid, they will get a  high return on their important IT investment.

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