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Cloud Computing : Privacy Risk

Cloud Computing : Privacy Risk

Author: Tyler Farell

As the old cliché says 'there are always two faces in everything'. The big issue about the biggest risk of cloud computing is the safekeeping of information and the isolation of the users. Cloud users stock up data to the central server of cloud causing probable intrusion of protection of private information of cloud users.

 Cloud Computing Basics : Cloud Computing : Privacy Risk

Cloud computing users are exposed and open to any possibility danger or risk because of its drawback effect. This is actually something that we should not be scared of. Almost IT professionals already expect these possible risks related to cloud computing. As the old saying goes by 'there are always two faces in everything', this also applicable to the structure and mechanism of cloud computing.

First danger of cloud is the security of information and the privacy of the users. Cloud users store data to the main center of cloud causing exposure or possible infringement of protection of personal information of cloud users. These data is actually entrusted to the cloud provider that lives in another country. The cloud provider can access the data by any means and anytime they want. Aside from that, illegal use of personal data can also happen to cloud users which could damage image and possibility of any legal action is quiet difficult. If the user is a big enterprises or company the potential of cyber espionage (internet spying) can be projected to the drastic change in the sales and profit of the said enterprise. If the client wishes to stop the service with the cloud provider he/she cannot delete or take back any information primarily given to the cloud provider. Users profile can also be exposed to anyone. If the cloud providers\' company service resulted to a business failure, it has also a dangerous effect to the part of the cloud user. Therefore we need to choose and be well informed with the cloud provider that is readily available in the World Wide Web today. Decide wisely to reduce regrets later on.

Because of this possible risk many possible client is afraid to take the risk and fear to subscribe to any cloud services. But sometimes to make a business really successful, we need to take the risk. As you search cloud computing review you can see that there almost equal level of disadvantages and advantages presented by many people. But they say that mostly, those who use cloud computing to make a difference on their lives or on their business in the end have a positive result.

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