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Cloud Computing : Computing Networks & Platforms

Computing Networks & Platforms

Author: Chris Armer

Cloud computing networks give users the ability to access resources anywhere across the globe there is a computer device and internet connection. More enterprises of all sizes are now deploying the cloud as it is a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective way to host their websites.

 Cloud Computing Basics : Cloud Computing - Computing Networks & Platforms

For businesses, there are many benefits to using the Cloud. They are able to store their applications and data in a safe and secure manner. As well, they are able to boost their computing capacity and performance while saving money as they do not have to acquire new infrastructure, IT staff, and software licenses. Using a cloud computing network allows enterprise to safely store their data in an off-site storage data centre so that in the event of a disaster that affects their computer system, they do not have to worry about permanently losing their vital data. As well, businesses do not have to maintain a physical storage device as their data is secured by the hosting service provider. To access the stored data, users log into a web based service using the cloud-computing system's interface.

With the cloud, businesses will benefit from high performance, dynamic allocations of resources, and the ability to scale at a moment's notice. If there is a sudden high demand for resources, the extra workload will be distributed across other virtual servers so that the website will never be overloaded with requests causing the site to go offline. It is an effective method of remote computing where shared servers provide data and resources on-demand.

Cloud computing provides a virtual development platform for hosting applications and data storage. Cloud technology is a very economical server virtualization solution as the resources are delivered on-demand with users only paying for the amount of resources they use. Access to the cloud is achieved using a web browser where users utilize web-based applications and tools.

The cloud computing platform supports highly scalable, redundant, and self-recovering programming. It works by deploying and scaling out workloads through the use of provisioning of virtual machines or physical machines. Businesses will benefit greatly from cloud computing because the technology provides high processing power, maximum up-time, and it more affordable than other servers. As well, with a cloud hosting provider, a business will have 24/7 customer support.

Due to the rapid evolution of technology and the fast evolving internet computing capabilities, businesses must stay ahead of the changes and developments in order to maintain competitiveness. Today, cloud computing networks have become the IT infrastructure choice due to its reliability, effective security, high performance, flexibility, scalability, as well as the essential tools and applications that allow businesses to manage their enterprise IT infrastructure effectively.

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