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Cloud Computing : The Cloud Will Not Be Drifting Away

The Cloud Will Not Be Drifting Away

Author: Chris Armer

Cloud computing has become an essential priority for businesses that are located all over the world. Cloud computing is now considered the technology of the future of IT.  A recent study by IBM conducted with over 3,000 CIO worldwide found that the cloud computing has considerably grown in enterprise priority over the last two years. The IBM study found that the importance of cloud computing has increased from 33in 2009 to now 60which is almost at the level as business intelligence.

 Cloud Computing Basics : cloud computing - The Cloud Will Not Be Drifting Away

Enterprise Choosing the Cloud
Michael Friedenberg, President and CEO of IDG Enterprise responded to a 2011 study that was based on surveying 1,535 CIOs and published by the CIO Magazine by saying, 'Cloud computing really did arrive. Actual adoption is under way everywhere, at least to some degree.' Key findings from the study include: enterprise organizations use the private cloud most often, small to midsize businesses spend more of their IT budget on the cloud, larger companies are designating about 15of their IT budget to cloud computing, and budgets are increasing for cloud-based services with the bigger enterprises planning to spend over $2 million on the cloud this year.

Government Agencies Choosing the Cloud
CompTIA\'s Second Annual Government IT Purchase Plans study revealed that US government agencies are 'most interested in becoming more efficient and reduce long-term costs,' but they are placing cloud computing 'slightly lower on the list.'  The study found that almost '39of federal, state and local government IT decision makers identified new data backup and recovery solutions as a priority over the next 12 months. Security applications were cited by 37of respondents, 30for virtualization solutions, and 24for content management solutions. Cloud computing had an 18priority.' Cloud computing involves \'backup and recovery\' and \'virtualization solutions.'

Other motivators for choosing the cloud include: lower costs due to reduced capital investment and the pay-per-use fee structure, ability to change the capacity size quickly. total time to develop, test, and deploy is reduced, cloud providers offer more affordable advanced security features, fewer security problems and less overall fraud can occur, a wide range of services offered, companies don't have to hire IT professionals to run the cloud, and the cloud is easy to use with very little management required.

The results of the various studies make it clear that the cloud is here to stay. Although there have been concerns about the cloud lately due to such recent events as the Amazon EC2 outage, it just highlights that cloud computing is a technology that is rapidly evolving and getting its specific kinks worked out. The cloud is definitely not drifting away.

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