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Two Faces of Cloud Computing

Two Faces of Cloud Computing

Making our own decision doesn't happen in just a split of seconds nor does it happen in just a one hour of thinking. We need to do the bit by bit method of learning and researching that in the end may transform our life in a positive or negative way. Every now and then regrets take place so be intelligent and confident about your choice.

Cloud Computing has its well eminent two faces in the eyes of its users and to the IT professionals. In many instances we always experience some positive and negative experience as we engage in many activities. But as we think of it, everything is really a mixture of the so called bad and good experiences that life can offer to us. So we must change our thinking and be open to the possibility that every discovery has its drawback.

IT professionals are not anymore shocked about the different drawbacks of cloud computing that is a hot topic to some blogs and website today over the World Wide Web. This negative aspect of cloud computing is predicted and anticipated by a number of IT specialists. Even though there are disadvantage of cloud computing but then it never stop the drastic increase op cloud supporter in any parts of the world. Aside from the increasing number of cloud users, there are also increasing number of cloud provider today.  When you browse in the internet you can see many cloud vendors that persuade many prospective clients to subscribe to their service. Many vendors have their own strategy so that clients will be hook and are interested to join the network. Some Cloud provider uses some tricks to hook by any means any possible cloud users. Therefore you need to be vigilant and be well informed first about the cloud computing service provider of your choice.

As we all know we should not decide like just a blink of an eye or a snap of our finger. We need to do the step by step process of investigating and knowing things that we know may have a huge effect on our life. Sometimes regrets happen in the end so be wise and sure about your choice. You can start by having simple information about cloud computing on different site over the World Wide Web. Then go deeper by knowing the two faces of cloud computing – the advantages and disadvantages. After knowing such investigation you weigh your choices and cast certain preference. At start you can have your own choice because if you already subscribe to any cloud service providers some of your choices will be limited because you should follow to the set of rules provided by the cloud provider.

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