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To Choose or Not to Choose Cloud Computing

To Choose or Not to Choose Cloud Computing

Author: Tyler Farell

Have you try to ask yourself 'Why approximately all gigantic corporations like Google, HP and Microsoft make use of cloud computing?' This gigantic groups is actually a main follower of it  and they have been utilizing it upto the present making their business very succesful. We always take notice of the danger of computing that many people makes hesitant and doubtful. 


As you scroll down to your computer on many website over the world wid web, you can observe many blogs and articles that give their own reviews and news about cloud computing. To some group of people, especially the IT experts of cloud computing it is major topic or issue to them. Many arguments has been raised that tackle every aspects of it. Most issues focuses on the pros and cons that cloud computing can offer to us. Many give their views whether personal opinion or scientifically based. Whatever their views are based it actually raise the awareness of many people about the different topics that is within the scope of cloud computing.

The question whether to choose or not to choose it  is the dilemma to many. Many people are hesitant to subscribe to computing because of its various risk and disadvatage, but this number never outweigh the number of users that subscribes or joins to cloud computing everyday. Hesitancy attitude of many potential users comes from the different reviews that they read over the internet on many website. But come to think of it, why almost huge company like Google, HP and Microsoft utilizes its services and applications? This huge company is a major supporter of it, so even if we don\'t  notice at all that we are using it but we almost using it everytime we use the internet. We always heard that the risk of computing is not enough to stop the popularity of it to the market nowadays. Many predicted that after the span of 5 years, cloud computing will be on its peak and no one can stop its drastic increase of cloud users all over the world.

The doubtfulness and uncertainty of many potetial cloud users are actually reasonable and valid because we always heard bad news everywhere we go. There is actually no mistake of having a skeptical thinking, afterall if your business is at stake then you should really be careful. This is not like a play that have no great effects to us. This is serious and requires an intelligent decision.

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