Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Telus, Huawei back Carleton University cloud computing project

Telus, Huawei back Carleton University
Cloud computing project

Carleton University has partnered with Telus and Huawei Technologies Canada Co. Ltd. to allow as many as 225 undergraduate and graduate students to begin research into cloud computing technologies. In cloud computing, data and processing are housed on large server farms rather than personal computers, and can be served up on demand. With all the work being done online in the “cloud,” computers are no longer limited by processor power or hard drive space. The shift is expected to reshape the future of computers.

 Cloud Computing Basics : Telus, Huawei back Carleton University cloud computing project

 The five-year partnership is worth more than $1.4 million, most of which will come in the form of donated services, equipment and technical expertise. The two corporate sponsors have also agreed to donate around $87,000 annually for the next five years to support graduate research into cloud computing. Huawei and Telus would get access to any new technology or service that comes out of the research partnership.