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How Cloud Computing Edges Out Other Hosting Services

How Cloud Computing Edges Out Other Hosting Services

Author: Walter Scott

At the present time, there are various web hosting services being offered by different hosting providers firms in Australia. Popular versions of which include shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting, virtual private server hosting and cloud computing. Even though they are under one umbrella, each kind has its own benefits, features, disadvantages and price tag. Some would say that beginners need shared hosting because it\'s cheap and light. Others digress and would recommend server hosting for optimum use. For those that want to gain profit, many would refer them to reseller hosting. But the million dollar question is: which is really the best among the cream of the crop? As of now, I would gamble for cloud computing.

Cloud computing is one of the unpopular hosting service nowadays. This is of course not because it is ineffective or it is costly. But, it is owing to the fact that it is not yet widely used and only several people understand its concepts. So to speak, it does not have anything to do with the cloud we see in the sky. But, the general idea revolves around it. First and foremost, cloud computing is an IT application wherein every resource needed-storage, software, applications, operating system, infrastructure- are stored over the Internet. Simply put, there is no need for hardware, like servers, to run a computer program. All you need is the World Wide Web. Free emails such as those provided by GMail and Ymail are perfect examples of what cloud computing is.

 Cloud Computing Basics : How Cloud Computing Edges Out Other Hosting Services

So, why bet for cloud computing? There are a lot of answers to this question. For one, it is cost-efficient. Your company will be relieved from the large expenses associated with hardware acquisition, installation and maintenance. Add to that, you do not have to hire IT experts who will monitor your tangible equipments. Second, it is flexible and easy to implement. The absence of hardware makes it convenient and fast to start the service and make upgrades at the drop of the hat. The third boon refers to remote accessibility. As long as there is Internet connection, you and your employees can browse files and other information whenever and wherever you so desire. This allows you to do your work even when at home.

Furthermore, web hosts in the Land Down Under secures your data. Their facilities have been engulfed with safety measures that will prevent or reduce the damages of natural disasters. Hosting providers have employed IT experts that are proficient in the administration and troubleshooting of their resources. This does not only mean less chances of viral attacks, hacking and data loss but also giving you ample time to focus on your core business. Next, it is environment-friendly. The lesser need for physical devices greatly reduces hardware and energy consumption. This, in turn, diminishes carbon dioxide emissions.

The evolution of web hosting services has been a great blessing for all. Cloud computing has brought a new way of doing IT services. It does not only save money to be used for critical functions. More than that, it is now possible to conduct IT activities without the reliance on hardware components. If you want to change the way you see web hosting, then go for cloud computing. And when you are ready to embrace it, hire an Australian web host to get the best results.

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