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Apple iCloud - The Cloud Computing Platform From Apple

Apple iCloud - The Cloud Computing Platform From Apple
By Nano Speck

Apple is all set to launch their new cloud computing service 'iCloud.' This is due to happen at the company's World Wide Developers Conference held between 6th and 10th June 2011. Usually the WWDC was the even when Apple usually launches new iPhone or iPod version. Having done the launch of all those hardware well before this years WWDC, Apple seems well-focused in to software. This year Apple releases 3 major software technologies. The Mac OS X Lion - Latest version of their PC Operating System, iCloud- Cloud Computing Service and iOS version 5 - The mobile operating system that powers iPods and iPhones.

 Cloud Computing Basics : Apple iCloud - The Cloud Computing Platform From Apple

iCloud could be revolutionary
iCloud will replace 'Mobile Me' the current cloud service deployed by Apple. The new iCloud is expected to synchronize with all the data among the 5.1 million iPhone users and 1.3 million Mac OS users. The previous cloud service 'Mobile Me' was not such great success in the cloud industry. It's also revealed that the new Mac OS X Lion will be aggressively prices below $50. The previous OS version - Mac OS Leapord doubled the sales on setting a price tag to cheap 29$. The developers can expect a vast array of next-generation at development tool kits at the WWDC for iCloud, OS-Lion and iOS version 5.

Analysing the Market
A current analysis for the market of cloud computing may reveal that its a bit too saturated with competition. Almost all the giants in computing industry have already invested billions into this budding industry. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, Red Hat cloud, Intel cloud etc are some of the major players and there are also other smaller (though not so small) players like Salesforce, Proofpoint etc. Despite of the hard hit recession still lingering, people are madly investing in cloud computing stocks. With the 'fans' as their biggest asset, it's not going to be that hard for Apple to catch up with the race, still doesn't seem an easy ultimate outranking either.

iCloud a game changer?
With such a huge fan base of totaling more than 7 million. The way they are going to launch the technology is going to decide how the other players win the race. Trusted sources reveal that iCloud will be initially free of charge for those who use the latest 'Lion' version of the OS. This may result in compelling other cloud providers to lower their price as well to prevent losing their clients. However, with so many innovators coming into the industry it seems a wide horizon for the clouds.

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